Frequently Asked Questions

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How wide is your service area?

Naked Carpets services the entire King County area and south Snohomish County. Our service area includes all cities within the circles of Seattle, Everett, Woodinville, North Bend, Renton and Burien.

What is your refund policy?

If you’re unsatisfied with our service, we’ll gladly refund you 50% of the total cleaning cost.

What is your cancellation policy?

A $50 fee will be charged for cancellations occurring 48 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning appointment.An $80 fee will be charged for cancellations occurring 24 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning appointment.No additional rescheduling fees will be charged on top of the cancellation charges.

How is your pricing determined?

We calculate our pricing based on the square footage involved in each room. Upholstery cleaning prices are calculated by the type of upholstery cleaned.

Can your customers pay in person via debit card??

We do not accept payments at the time of cleaning. Customers must submit their credit card information over the phone at the time of booking the cleaning.

Can your customers pay online?

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, we can only accept payment over the phone.

What should the customer do to prepare for your arrival?

In order for us to give the best cleaning possible, we advise our customers to clear all areas of clutter before our arrival. This includes clothes on the floor, children’s toys, area rugs, etc. Our technicians can move chairs, end tables, night stands and other small furniture during the steam cleaning. Larger items, electronics, or fragile furniture cannot be moved by our technicians.

What's in your cleaning product(s)?

Our cleaning products consist of naturally occurring enzymes that help break down the dirt and stains in your carpet. In more serious cases, we must use stronger, industrial strength products. Should we need to use stronger cleaning agents, we’ll consult with you ahead of time to receive authorization on the use of stronger chemicals.

Will your technicians move our furniture before cleaning?

Our technicians can move small, singular furniture items before cleaning at no additional cost. Items of this nature include light benches, chairs, bar stools, house plants, etc. For an additional charge of $10 per piece, our technicians can move larger items which require 2 people, such as ottomans, sofas, dining tables, beds, night stands, and other heavy furniture. However, we must receive notice ahead of time so we can send an additional man to assist our cleaning technician. Unfortunately, due to liability reasons, our technicians can’t move heavy furniture, electronics, pianos, or fragile items like hutches and china cabinets. Please ask us about your furniture situation ahead of time so we can properly address the issue.

For upholstery, do you clean leather?

Unfortunately no, we only specialize in cleaning fabric upholstery.

For upholstery, do you clean mattresses?

Yes, our technicians are properly trained to clean mattresses. Please note, there is a 24 hour drying time for mattresses.

Do you guarantee stain/odor removal?

No. Unfortunately, certain stains and odors, such as wine or pet urine, can be impossible to remove. When bad spills are left untreated for extended periods of time, the liquids and odors can penetrate deep underneath the carpet and into the padding. To completely remove set-in stains and odors like this, treatment often requires fully replacing the carpet padding, a service we currently cannot offer.

What makes you different from your competitors?

For starters, we only use non-toxic cleaning products. Our educated technicians take their time to perform a detailed, thorough job on your carpets and upholstery. We fully stand behind our work. If you’re unsatisfied with your cleaning, we’ll send a technician back within 48-hours to inspect the issue. If necessary, we’ll re-clean your carpets to ensure your satisfaction.

How long does it take for the carpets to dry?

The time it takes for carpets to fully dry hinges on a variety of factors. For example, the ventilation within the home, thickness of the carpet, and even the season of the year play a part in carpet drying times. In general, your carpets can be used within 4 hours after the cleaning. Steam cleaned carpets should be completely dry within 24 hours after cleaning.

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