Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Deep & Spring Cleaning

We love our pets, but sometimes they can be a pain and unknowingly damage the home. If your home has any carpeting, it’s simply a matter of time before you’re in need of professional assistance.

When disaster strikes, you should call in steam-cleaning specialists. The experts at Naked Carpets can treat pet stains and odors, restoring your home to an odor-free zone.

Treating Urine Stains & Pet Odors

If you have cats or dogs, your animals will present natural wear and tear to the household. Whether it’s from a potty accident or simply the animal shedding their fur, your best bet is to hire us to assess the damage and begin treatment immediately.

Not only will your home look and smell better, but your animals may be less likely to have the same accidents down the line. Our expertise in treating pet stains and odors is one of the many things that separates us from our competition.

Don’t Wait – Act Now!

It’s important to take care of accidents, mud or grass stains, and other blemishes right when they occur. Wait too long, and the color of your carpet may be permanently changed, requiring stain removal treatment. And just washing out the surface spots isn’t usually enough.

Odors from urine (as well as vomit and other fluids) will quickly penetrate into the deepest layers of carpet fiber, and then into the underlying floor. There, they will dry and linger for months or years to come. Professional steam cleaning can remove odors before they set in for good.

What’s more, if your pet can still pick up their own scent indoors, they may be tempted to go to the bathroom on the same spot. Remember, dogs and cats have significantly better noses than we do! The last thing you want is for this to become a chronic problem.

Restore Your Carpet & Your Home

Even if your pet is perfectly house-trained, they will still leave a mark on your carpet. All dogs and cats shed to some degree – even the most hypoallergenic breeds – and release dander throughout the home.

Go too long between carpet cleanings, and your house or apartment will develop a distinctive “pet smell”. It may not be as apparent to you, but you can bet that guests will pick up on it right away.