How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

15 February 2016

It can be quite easy to take a vacuum to the carpet and call it a day. But just how clean does that actually get your carpets? No one is disputing that a good, thorough swipe with that vacuum on a regular basis is a good idea – but it pays to remember that using a vacuum is not actually cleaning your carpets.

To get the carpets truly clean, you need the services of a professional cleaning company. The use of a vacuum – even the best, highest quality and most expensive ones – will get at surface dirt and allergens, but it won’t reach far enough into the carpet to eradicate the deeper problems. Professional tools are the answer: They will get down deep into the carpet, and clean out the things that your vacuum doesn’t have a hope of reaching.

To make sure things stay as clean as possible, professionals should work on the carpet at least once a year. If you have pets, consider even more often than that – some experts recommend cleaning the carpet every six weeks to remove pet dander.

Should you steam clean carpet yourself?

Why should you call the professionals? Cleaning your own carpets with a steam cleaner should do the trick, right?

That’s what most vacuum companies would like you to believe, but the truth is that attempting to steam clean your own carpets can do much more harm than good. The very nature of steam cleaning puts moisture into your carpet. The problem lies in getting that moisture out. Professional tools are designed to do this; the steam cleaner you picked up at the department store definitely does not.

Once you have used a steam cleaner on your own, you now have an added problem: Moisture that is stuck in the carpet, on top of the dust and debris that your steam cleaner wasn’t powerful enough to get out. That leads to mold, which can lead to serious health problems and unsightly splotches on the floor.

Why should you hire a professional steam cleaning company?

In addition, steam cleaning by the pros might actually be a requirement in order to ensure your warranty stays in force. That’s right: Many carpet companies expect you to have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

In between those thorough cleanings, be sure to do your own carpet maintenance. Use the vacuum at least once a week, and go over the carpets slowly to ensure you give the suction time to work. Clean up any spills immediately to avoid problems with mold. Clean your area rugs just as well, and take them outside every few months for a good old-fashioned beating: Hang them up and use a broom to wallop the dust out of them!

Professional cleaning can help you keep that warranty in force and can extend the life of your carpet. Considering that a very high-quality carpet can be a hefty investment, getting a few extra years out of it is an excellent financial incentive to have it cleaned by the pros on a regular schedule.