Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Why Bother Steam Cleaning?

Your carpets are an incredibly important asset to your home. Since they’re often the first thing people notice when they visit, it’s of the utmost importance to regularly maintain them.

We like to think we can keep our own carpets perfectly clean. But standard do-it-yourself methods can only shake loose dirt and stains at the surface level – and even then, only sometimes.

When dealing with something more serious, such as removing pet stains and animal odors, your best bet is to hire professionals like Naked Carpets.

What’s So Great About Steam Cleaning?

You’ve probably had steam cleaning suggested by friends or family members as a great way to restore your carpeting to perfect health. But can’t you take care of dirt and stains with a vacuum cleaner and drugstore solvents? Is this really worth the extra cost?

Fact is, spills and even daily activities will take their toll – and household products can’t really do the trick. In fact, most carpet warranties require periodic steam cleaning (usually once every 1-2 years) in order to remain valid. That’s how effective this process is!

Steam cleaning penetrates deep within the carpet fibers, working loose any embedded dirt, allergens, and other indoor pollutants. And because it simply uses heated water and a small amount of detergent, steam cleaning is quick drying, completely non-toxic, and won’t aggravate allergies. It also won’t damage the underlying fibers, unlike some over-the-counter products. A strong steam cleaning is also your best bet at removing stains from your carpet.

After a good steam cleaning, your carpets will smell better, feel softer, and look just as amazing as the day you first installed them – if not better!

How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

In steam cleaning, we inject a mixture of hot water and a gentle detergent into the deepest layers of your carpet. This allows the cleaner to reach dirt, pet hair, and anything else that may have penetrated past the visible surface level.

Afterwards, a specialized vacuum removes of the water/detergent mixture, and the dirt particles right along with it. We’ll repeat the process one more time with plain water, just to flush out all of the remaining soap. In most cases, your carpet should dry completely within 12-24 hours.

The end result? A refreshed room that shines once more with its original glow!

When the time comes for your next steam clean, trust in the pros at Naked Carpets to help. There's a reason why people choose us over the competition. We utilize the latest technologies in carpet steam cleaning and our expert technicians will bring your carpets back to life!