Carpet Stain Treatment & Removal

Stain Removal

Our steam cleaning service will touch up most carpet blemishes, but sometimes you’ll need extra attention paid to serious stains in the carpet.

When you’ve got a tough stain on your hands, there’s no need to worry: just get in touch with us. Our expert process can return your carpet or upholstery to their original look.

What are stains

Unfortunately, stains are simply a part of life. If you have carpet, you’re bound to run into stains. Whether from rowdy kids tracking in mud, accidents from nervous pets, or maybe just a spilled glass of wine, the occasional blemish on your carpets and upholstery is more or less inevitable.

The longer you allow stains to sit around, the more difficult they’ll be to deal with later. This is why it’s paramount to call professionals as soon as possible, allowing them to treat the stained area immediately.

The Stain-Scrubbing Experts

You may not have been able to eliminate that spot yourself, but don’t assume that it can’t be done! Fact is, the cleaning products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets usually lack the power to really tackle the tough stuff. They don’t want to be responsible for potentially harming your valuable carpets or furniture.

With state-of-the-art solvents and an expert eye, our stain removal technicians are here to help. We use only non-toxic cleaning products that break down the toughest stains with naturally occurring enzymes. No lingering damage, just a fresh look. Every time.

Revitalize Your Home

It may be tempting to try hiding smaller stains, perhaps with a flipped couch cushion or strategically placed side table. But eventually you’re going to have to deal with them – especially if you want to keep up the value of your carpet or furniture. Besides, you don’t want to risk your houseguests finding out!

By taking care of blemishes sooner rather than later, you can minimize the risk of those marks becoming permanent. It’s also just a load off your mind – you’ll be able to rest easier knowing that your carpet or upholstery is as spotless as the day it entered your home.